Breakdown, match marking and measuring of all components to compile a full report

Upon receipt of your Warren Thick Stock Pump, the first thing we will do is stamp and match mark all components. One of our trained mechanics will begin to assess the Thick Stock Pump and note any obvious signs of wear or damage which may have contributed to a pump failure.

All components are stamped to insure your pump is readily identifiable after media blasting has occurred. In our disassembly process, we measure all crucial dimensions using micrometers to ensure an accurate report can be complied outlining exactly what your Thick Stock Pump may require to ensure it is restored to it factory condition.

After the pump is completely dissembled, and every nut and bolt has been removed, crack checks have been performed on the screws, and measurements taken from the bearing boxes, a complete report is compiled. In your pump report we will detail the specific issues that need to be addressed and include; a good faith estimate as to the price, the time required for such a repair, an assessment of what caused a pump failure, and recommend any improvements with may prolong the life of your pump depending on your specific application.

Over the last 40 years we have learned the intricacies of Warren Thick Stock Pumps, we apply our proven process to each and every repair that we undertake. We are so confident in our abilities we offer a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

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