Complete Pump Repair with Warranty

An essential component of maintaining an efficient pulp and paper mill is having equipment which functions effectively and reliably. At Schurco we have maximized our 40 years’ experience in pump repair to offer our customers a piece of mind that their pumps are operating just as they did when they left the factory.

Schurco is a full service pump repair facility located in Jacksonville, Florida. We have over 100,000 square feet of all necessary tools, machines and materials required to repair and remanufacture your pump, whether it be a Warren Thick Stock Pump, Impco Thick Stock Pump, Nash Vacuum Pump or Alstrom LRS, we have both the tools and the knowledge to get you back in service quickly.

Our engineers and mechanics understand how your pump works, not just how they are assembled. Through the use of a Faro modeling arm, using 3-D modeling, we have acquired the ability to dissect and diagnose any pump related problem. Our engineers will provide you with a full report on the root of your pump problem and even make suggestions on how your pump can potentially avoid failure or maximize its in-service life.

In addition to offering a full service repair we offer a loaner program to minimize your inventory costs and prevent downtime due to pump failure, and a 2-Year Limited Warranty on all repairs performed by us.

If you are looking to trust someone with your mill’s components and pump repairs, don’t go with just anyone, trust Schurco and its experience, it’s just too costly not too.