Over the last 40 years, we have learned the importance of maintaining a fully functioning Warren or Impco Thick Stock Pump. However, the cost can be overwhelming; At our facility we maintain an inventory of completely manufactured thick stock pumps, which can be shipped to you on a moment’s notice, and carry Schurco’s Limited Warranty. Our pump exchange program can eliminate your inventory costs.

Here is how it works;

  • You notify us of your need for a remanufactured thick stock pump;
  • We send you a fully remanufactured thick stock pump immediately;
  • You send us the pump you are removing from service;
  • We breakdown your pump, determine the costs to remanufacture to factory specifications;
  • Submit you an invoice for the costs.

In the end you have received a fully remanufactured thick stock pump, without incurring any down time, inventory holding costs, or the hassle and delay of waiting on your original thick stock pump to be repaired.

We stand behind every pump that we repair, that’s why we offer a 2-Year Limited Warranty. Why not take advantage of our Pump Exchange program and minimize your costs? Call today to speak with one of our engineers and get a fully repaired pump on a truck to your plant today!